PA 115: Export Control Regulations & Best Practices for Compliance


This course provides the learner with an overview of U.S. Export Control regulations and how they intersect with University activities.

After completing the course, attendees should:

  • Understand how the government defines an “export” and a “deemed export”.
  • Understand the four main concerns of export control regulations.
  • Understand the difference between the “EAR”, the” ITAR”, and “OFAC”
  • Understand when export control regulations affect university activities including shipping, travel, collaborations, equipment purchases, and item access by foreign nationals.
  • Understand what Restricted Party Screening is and when it should be conducted.
  • Understand what a Technology Control Plan is and when it might be implemented.
  • Understand best practices for export control compliance.
  • Be able to recognize red flags and know when to call the export control manager for assistance.

Mandatory for STAR Certificate, Pre-award Certificate & Post-award Certificate.  PA 115