PA 309: Training Grants


The objective of this course is to provide the learner with an overview of training grant administration from both the pre-award and post-award perspective.  The course will focus on the NIH T32 mechanism and will cover all the data tables.  After completing this course attendees should:

  • Understand the importance of the specific information included in an NIH T32 proposal and where this information can be found at Washington University.
  • Understand the tools and tips available to prepare and submit a T32 application.
  • Understand the capabilities of X-TRACT as a tool for creating data tables.
  • Understand the components for developing and managing basic training grant budgets.
  • Comprehend the basic appointment and termination function of the x-TRAIN system.

Understand training grant post-award management requirements.

Elective for STAR Certificate, Pre-award Certificate & Post-award Certificate.  PA 309