STAR 120: Workday Hot Topic Recordings

Recordings for STAR 120: Workday Hot Topic classes may be viewed at the links below. Workday Open Lab_16July2021 Workday Award Tasks_14July2021 Workday Awards Amendments Allocations_13July2021 Workday Open Lab_8July2021 Workday Payroll_7July2021 Workday Approval Process_6July2021 Workday Misc. Payments & ISDs_23June2021 Workday Requisitions_16June2021 Workday Expense Reports_10June2021 Workday Accounting Adjustments & Manual Journals_4June2021

STAR Program Changes

The STAR Program has implemented programmatic changes to encourage certificate completions and streamline content. Changes to the certificate earning process, as well as additional on-demand training opportunities are now in effect. You may view a recording of the STAR Program changes at this link.