RA Terminology & Acronyms Study Tool Now Available

The STAR Program at Washington University is making available a Quizlet tool to help RAs learn relevant terminology and acronyms used in the field. Review modes include: Flashcards, Learn, Test, Match. The tool may be found on the STAR Resources webpage.

Certificate Awardees List Now on STAR Website

Individuals who have earned the STAR Certificate are now listed on a new page (click here). The certificate requires 40 hours of STAR class credit, including pre and post award subject matter. Those who have earned the certificate demonstrate a comprehensive understanding and mastery of research administration topics.

STAR 120: Workday Hot Topic Recordings

Recordings for STAR 120: Workday Hot Topic classes may be viewed at the links below. FFR Dashboard RA Session_4Oct2021 Workday Reporting (Pt5)_24Sep2021 Workday Reporting (Pt4)_31Aug2021 Workday Reporting (Pt3)_25Aug2021 Workday LAMPS_20Aug_2021 Workday Reporting (Pt2)_12Aug2021 Workday PAAs_4Aug2021 Workday Open Lab_30July2021 (PCAs for multiple grants; Central Payroll; RPT4710; RPT5961; RPT4785; Obligations and job transfers; RPT5713; RPT6042; Monthly reporting; […]

STAR Program Changes

The STAR Program has implemented programmatic changes to encourage certificate completions and streamline content. Changes to the certificate earning process, as well as additional on-demand training opportunities are now in effect. You may view a recording of the STAR Program changes at this link.