Take your skills to the next level with our comprehensive Post-Award Training Program! This interactive program is designed to equip you with the knowledge and expertise needed to excel in post-award management.

Bootcamp provides high-level training, focusing on post-award topics that are applicable university-wide. Departments are expected to provide training for their specific processes and procedures in tandem with bootcamp.

Bootcamp additionally promotes team building and development of a support network by making connections within the cohort and with colleagues and subject matter experts across both campuses.

Take advantage of this opportunity to enhance your skills!

Special thanks to the STAR Advisory Board and to our pilot participants for their help in developing this initiative.

Click here to see a list of RA Bootcamp graduates.

REGISTRATION CLOSED FOR SUMMER SESSION. The next session will take place in November. The Post-Award Core workshop will take place over the course of four days on July 30, August 1, 6, 8 (from 9am-12pm) via Zoom. More information will be sent to managers and enrolled participants as it becomes available. To enroll, managers must complete the registration form for the participant. Please contact Cynthia McKenna (mckenna@wustl.edu) with any questions.

About Post-Award Bootcamp

Core Training
  • 4-day program, held over 2 consecutive weeks (2 half-days per week)
  • Covers essential topics in post-award management
Optional Training (as available)
  • Customize your learning path with our optional classes (held on additional dates, as available):
    • Procurement
    • Travel
    • In development: SUBs, Payroll, Final Reporting
  • Completion of STAR 100 is required to attend the Post-Award Bootcamp
  • Earn 8 credits towards the STAR certificate for completing the core training
  • Earn 2 credit hours for each additional optional class completed (as available)

The Post-Award Bootcamp Core includes the following topics:

Government StructureFacilities & Administrative CostsAward Setup
Costing PrinciplesPost-Award ElementsFinancial Oversight
Federal GuidanceAdministrative ActionsProject Closeout
University GuidanceMeeting with Your PI

By the end of the program, new RAs will have gained exposure to the breadth of post-award requirements and will have developed enhanced skills, allowing them to make greater contributions in their departments/divisions.

Participant Expectations

  • Protect 7-10 hours per week to keep up with the curriculum.
  • Attend each day’s training, all live meetings, and complete all homework assignments in a timely manner.
  • Actively participate during live meetings and group exercises.

Hiring Manager Expectations

  • Provide supplementary training specific to the area. The bootcamp will not cover departmental policies and processes.
  • Provide department application examples (either recently completed or newly received) that coincide with weekly exercises.
  • Protect 7-10 hours each week for the participant to attend live meetings and successfully complete program requirements (create a support back-up plan). Participants should not be asked to take vacation or work overtime in order to participate.