The STAR program offers a certificate signed by the Vice Chancellor of Research. Courses include training in pre-award, post-award, procurement, payroll, and reporting. Participants who complete all requirements for the certificate demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of research administration.

STAR Certificate

The STAR certificate is recommended for individuals within research administration who wish to pursue a comprehensive certificate in research administration at Washington University. Certificates are awarded twice per year at RA Forums in June and December. Click here to see a list of STAR certificate recipients.

Suggested Core Courses

STAR 100: Research Lifecycle, On-boarding
STAR 101: Overview of Costing Principles and Internal Controls
STAR 102: Post Award Financial Management
STAR 103: Salary, Effort and Other Payroll Considerations for Sponsored Funds
STAR 105: Proposal Preparation
STAR 106: Introduction to Contracts
STAR 107: Overview of Outgoing Subawards
STAR 115: Export Control Regulations & Best Practices for Compliance
STAR 218: Award Management

Total Credit Hours Required: 40

Classes may not be repeated for credit.

Keep track of your progress by downloading a Participant Self-Tracking form.