Stay connected with Washington University Research Administrators! During this unusual time, we want to keep our community strong. Show us your work space – your pets – your children – your hobbies! Tell us about how you are dealing with all of the changes.

Let’s connect! Join us on zoom for RA “Coffee & Connections” gatherings to share tips and strategies! See the events page for specific dates.

RA Gallery

The “bread loaves” of my life: Corgis Lincoln (almost 3 years) and Eleanor (6 years). Submitted by Kaylee Gottschalk (REI)
Gracie burning off some saved up energy in the evening during this spring time weather. Submitted by Amanda Heitkoetter (School of Arts & Sciences)
Max is always available for pets on stressful days, which is nice. Submitted by Amanda Fulbright (Neurology/DIAN-TU)
Gracie helps check on the honey bees’ pollen feeder. Submitted by Amanda Heitkoetter (School of Arts & Sciences)
My very opinionated Miniature Schnauzer, Heidi (9), does not approve of the NIH switching to FORMS-E later this month. Submitted by Carolyn Fernandez (Internal Medicine)

Routine is the enemy of chaos: I have literally changed nothing about my day to day routine, from putting on work clothes and my ID badge…! It’s kept my productivity strong and my mind sane, even when the laundry basket beckons and the dog brings me toys!

Carolyn Fernandez (Internal Medicine)
Home Office Assistant, Gertie (7 months). Submitted by Danica Johnson (REI)
Our office “seasonal tree”. Submitted by Tina Markovich (Internal Medicine – Infectious Diseases)
My husband built a floating desk for me from shelving and support brackets and Aldi had office chairs! From right to left we have Eva (7), Sean (3), Thea (5), and Charlie the dog (3). Submitted by Jeanine Gerson (WUSM Pediatric Research Hem/Onc and Nephrology)

REI is having a good time coming up with ways to keep our community connected. So far, we’ve held online meetings for the RA Forum, a Researcher Town Hall, and STAR classes.

Rashaun DeBord (Research Education & Information)
Lily visits her co-worker. Submitted by Iris Dickhoff-Peper (Research Education & Information)
Gertie (19 months). After a year of being a work from home assistant, she is a real multitasker while taking notes, lounging, and watching Elmo so mom can work. Submitted by Danica Johnson (REI)
Teddy is tired just thinking about MyDay! Submitted by Joanne Cousins (Neurology)
My fur kids: Daisy (10 months), Luke (7 months), and Nadine (15 yrs). Submitted by Jennifer Higginbotham (Surgery)
Best ever tool when using a laptop at home! Submitted by Bonnie Dee (Edison Family Center for Genome Sciences)

Our morning team zoom meetings help us stay motivated and connected even though we are apart. We share project updates and encourage each other to remain hopeful.

Jessica Brannan (Research Education & Information)
View from my keyboard. Georgie the cat is in the window. Submitted by Jean Fuchs (Biology)
Mookie (11) helps prepare a budget. Submitted by JoAnn Urban (Physics)
Napping Co-workers. Submitted by Connie Motoki (Office of Sponsored Research )

Blessed are the flexible, for they will not be easily bent out of shape.

Jeanine Gerson (Pediatric Research Hem/Onc and Nephrology)
My new “co-worker”! Submitted by Kathy Fletcher (Research Education & Information)
Winston takes a St. Patrick’s Day wagon ride. Submitted by Cynthia McKenna (Research Education & Information)