Megan White


Megan White has been at Washington University since 2011. She began her career at WashU as a Contract Manager and has worked in other research agreement-related positions over the last 7 years. She currently serves as the Director of Research Contracts for the Joint Research Office for Contracts at Washington University. JROC is primarily responsible for the negotiation and signing of a wide variety of research-related agreements such as industry clinical trials agreements and federal contracts. As Director, Megan oversees the activities of Contract Specialists engaged in the negotiation and management of such research-related agreements on a University-wide basis. Her responsibilities include the direct oversight of staff engaged in the processing of federal and foundation-funded subawards, federal contracts, data transfer agreements, service agreements, and industry pre-clinical agreements. JROC works closely with faculty, department administrators, clinical coordinators, SPA, OSRS, and other central offices to ensure that contract terms are appropriate and consistent with university expectations and policies.

Megan received her Bachelor’s degree from Washington University and her Juris Doctor degree from Washington University Law School. Prior to joining Washington University, Megan worked as an Associate at Stinson Morrison Hecker.